Staycation Diary III | Yardy River Adventure Tour


Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post. On June 3rd 2017, I travelled to Westmoreland for a well needed break. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to get away from it all, and do something, anything fun with the persons you love. So in this staycation diary, my travels took me to Yardy River Adventure Tour. It was one of the most thrilling experiences to date. I went with my sister and fellow blogger, lightyourfireisland.

Before we continue with the rest of the post. These are some essential items that should be brought along for this trip:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Shoes (these are available for rent)

Now back to regular programming. The main location of Yardy River Adventure Tour is very scenic. It has a picturesque view of the Cabarita River and a majestic view of what I believe to be the  Georges Plain Mountains.  Yardy began its operations in 2015 and its motto is “Exploring your wild side”. It is located near Fort Williams, Williamsfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica; and they  offer attractions such as rafting, river tubing, nature walk , horseback and dune buggy riding,  just to name a few.

The activities that we participated in were:

  • The wilderness nature walk
  • River tubing
  • Touring the organic farm
  • Natural Healing Jacuzzi
  • Authentic Jamaican cuisine prepared with organically grown crops and vegetables
  • ATVing
  • Roaring River Tour

My favourite activities at Yardy were the river tubing, the Jacuzzi and the food. The river tubing takes place on the Carbarita River. It was both thrilling and relaxing.

At the end of the river tubing tour we relaxed in the natural Jacuzzi. It continually bubbles because of the synergy of three rivers meeting, the Cabarita, Roaring and Great Rivers. It was quite exhilarating to get into and out of the Jacuzzi – you have to watch the vlogs below to see. The properties in the mud surrounding the Jacuzzi are touted as healing by the locals. I spent quite some time being massaged by the water cascading over the rocks.We also spent alot of time jumping into the river and swinging in the swing.

The food was definitely authentic Jamaican cuisine. We were served with a unique take on ackee and saltfish. It was curried! The curried ackee and saltfish with breadfruit and a side salad puts a twist on Jamaica’s National dish. I do not eat ackee, surprising I know, and so I was given the alternative of curried saltfish only. It was different but good. The food was fresh from their farms, organic, gluten free and filling. I do not believe in throwing away healthy eating habits because I’m travelling. So it is good to research the place that you are going, to ensure it fits into your healthy lifestyle. This place not only has healthy options but essentially believes that food should  be healthy and organic-which is right up my alley.

We then left the property to go ATVing and stopped off in Roaring River Park near Petersfield, Westmoreland. I found out alot about the Roaring River Estate which belonged to the Beckford family. I felt this was destined as I learned my personal history was a big part of Westmoreland’s history as I have connections with the Beckford family. The locals look after the caves and provide guided tours for visitors.

The ATV tour was an experience as it felt as if it was owned by the community. It is not fully on stream as yet, so we were honoured to be one of the firsts to take the tour. The Rastaman Safari tour took us up onto a hilltop within the Petersfield community with  colourful cabins. The scenery was beautiful, peaceful and breathtaking. We were able to drink coconuts and just hang out. 

Overall the staff was very warm, responsive, friendly and most seem to be members of the community. They were very aware of the area’s history and took great care of us. The general vibe was relaxed and I got the sincere feeling that they wanted us to fall in love with their community just as much as they did.

Check out these mini vlogs of my time at the Yardy River Adventure Attraction:

For more information and bookings, please contact, Mr.  George  directly  at  876 7750249 or visit their website, checkout their Facebook page

It is clear that Yardy River Adventure Tour’s goal is to establish a low- impact, eco- friendly alternative to traditional mass tourism. I essentially got a mini-tour of Westmoreland and got to see places outside of the ‘regular’ tourist destinations. Between the food, the staff and how easy they made our stay – it was more than I could ask for. If travelling to Westmoreland, I couldn’t think of a better place to excite your senses and calm your soul, than Yardy River Adventure Tour. I’m sure your visit will be just as thrilling as mine!

Leave me a comment down below telling me of your staycay experiences or if you just want to leave me some positivity, click the heart down below. Kindly share this post with someone who may need it and keep the inspiration going. I hope your week brings you peace and prosperity. Thanks again for stopping by, until next time Fam, walk good.


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