Staycation Diaries II | Resorts Edition


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Now on to the meat of the matter. It is so important to get away from it all, and do something, anything fun with the persons you love. So in this staycation diary I am sharing with you some of my staycation moments from two resorts that I visited this summer. Hopefully this inspires you to do something relaxing and fun when everyday life becomes too stressful. First stop Rhodes Resort in Hanover, Jamaica (literally 10-15 mins from Negril). This is on the Western section of the island and one of my favourite areas to be. Bibi and I went there to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

Rhodes Resort is an all -inclusive (optional) resort that has the perfect mix of romance and nature. It has an effortless beauty where nature does most of the talking. It has a very chilled and laid back vibe and it is run by a husband and wife. There are wooden accents around the resort from ceiling fans to beach chairs to cabanas, that adds to its uniqueness. It is clear the owners care about the environment as once there you will see how well they take care of the animals and realize that most activities are centred around nature. There are also solar panels atop the villas and there is a salt water infinity pool.

We arrived after sunset so were not immediately reminded of the true beauty of the resort but boy could we hear it – from the ocean to strange animal calls. After checking in we stayed in bed for the rest of the night as we had ALOT of catching up to do. We stayed in the Sunshine Suite with a balcony facing the ocean so in the morning it was so pleasant to wake up to the beautiful ocean view and strong robust trees right outside the glass doors. It is a standard hotel room with a homey vibe and a kitchenette equipped with mini-fridge and microwave.

In the morning we got in a work out, explored the beautiful property and then hung out in the ocean and infinity pool. I mean what else is there to do on a staycation? Then the rains started and even that was beautiful. This created the perfect ambience for relaxing indoors and snuggling up with the person you love.

But as quickly as the rain clouds rolled in, is as quickly as they rolled back out. We headed back outdoors to swim around in the infinity pool. We were then reminded that the resort benefits from one of the most positive externalities of its location, the sun setting. Literally one of the best features of this area. You may hear anyone that visits the Negril area talk about the sunsets. They are a blessing, pictures do not do it justice and it is always so beautiful to watch.

The food was very tasty, although the menu was not vast and I was mostly able to avoid refined carbohydrates. You are provided with complimentary breakfast each morning. Food becomes unavailable around 10 p.m. and the resort also seemingly goes to sleep at that time as well. We had to get up super early the next day so we did not mind that there were no distractions or enticing activities to lure us out as we would have felt compelled to get our money’s worth. I had to head in back into Kingston for work that Monday morning. So I took the time to do my hair (I don’t remember if they had a blow dryer). The time flew by so quickly but it was well worth it.

The few drawbacks of Rhodes Resort are that it is in need of some minor upkeep and repairs but that honestly will not interfere with your stay, also the Wi-Fi signal is not strong all around the resort but this may be seen as an opportunity to separate from technology to some extent.

Bibi and I keep going back for the exclusivity and calmness surrounding the resort. It will see us again soon.

Another trip I took this summer was to Jewel Paradise Cove Resort in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. This was to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. There are two other Jewel Resorts in close proximity so don’t be like my friend and I who had to go to all three before we found the right one lol. Read the signs properly lol.

Jewel Paradise Cove is on the Northern section of the Island. It is a beautiful adult only all inclusive resort. It boasts three pools and three hot tubs. Everything is included in your package except the Radiant Spa and Golf activities. There are four specialty restaurants that call for a more formal dining experience where you have to make reservations. There is no need to worry about that though as there is a main dining area that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as grills and pizzerias where there is no need to make reservations. Daily activities include the glass bottom boat tour, snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, the water slide among several other things.

Upon your arrival you are greeted with a welcome drink and a cold towel. I distinctly remember hearing screams of excitement drifting into the lobby. I was informed that those were guests on the water slide. This got me so excited as I love thrills. So we promptly checked in and began exploring the property. There are several architectural touches that add to the uniqueness of the resort; such as the large water wheel and large life size chess board.

The hotel accommodated our special requests as best they could including my exclusive eating habits. The food was ok in the main dining areas but was very tasty from the specialty restaurants. I  mostly ate jerk chicken and fries (not the best, but for me that is better than the white rice, breads and pastas) at the poolside grill.

The staff went out of there way to make us feel as comfortable as possible. They knew our needs before we asked by simply observing. For example after only seating me one time before, they would promptly direct me to my group once I arrived at a restaurant after some of the group was already seated. I mention this because firstly, I arrived a day after everyone else. Secondly, I was only there for one night. Thirdly, we did not eat at the same place all the time. Fourthly, it was not always the same employee that knew my face. So to be that observant that quickly, in place filled with a sea of faces is commendable and shows that the staff take their jobs seriously. Or maybe I’m just memorable lol.

The room we stayed in was very nice, with a step out balcony. It was a standard hotel room with a stocked mini-fridge. I really didn’t spend much time in it though as it was an activity filled weekend. This hotel has an upbeat environment with a lot drinks and food flowing but I was also able to spend a lot of time relaxing in the hammocks or listening to the ocean away from the main areas. There is just something about the sea. So calming. As a group we spent most of our time eating, playing volleyball or on the slides.

I definitely feel rejuvenated and inspired after these staycations. I have linked a video highlighting some of my experiences, check it out and  I hope you enjoy. So I encourage you to do something relaxing soon. It will be worth it. It does not always have to be about money. Jamaica still has free beaches which I mentioned in Staycation Diaries I. Resorts and excursions have deals for locals, especially during off seasons, so call and find out. Go in groups, if possible and in terms of transportation, each person can contribute towards the gas bill or the car rental cost. Where there is a will there is a way, you can make it happen.

Leave me a comment down below telling me of your staycay experiences or if you just want to leave me some positivity, click the heart down below. Kindly share this post with someone who may need it and keep the inspiration going. I hope your week brings you peace and prosperity. Thanks again for stopping by, until next time Fam, walk good.


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