Here’s a thought: You can only cheat if you’re in a relationship. Otherwise it is you having sex with as many people as you want.


Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post. All men do not cheat and there are lots of women who do cheat! Let’s just get that clear. But the majority of the time I have to comfort a friend, a man is the culprit and the grievance is cheating. I am not referring to men who make a one-off mistake either. This is for the notorious and habitual cheaters who refuse to accept themselves for who they are: someone who is selfish, who is seemingly not in control of his body as he cannot control sexual urges, and just loves drama.

There are so many women who are willing to have sex without a title. So why aren’t these men just engaging in coition with these females? Isn’t that logical? Why are these men going after the ones that want a relationship? Please, someone answer these questions for me? Who is forcing them into a relationship? If you are not ready to commit, have some back bone and do not.

Some men would argue that some women are not giving it up until exclusivity is established. Well that’s more than ok for the woman to have her standards. How dare you try to suggest otherwise? The logical thing to do as a real man is to move on. Some men would also argue that the woman is delusional as he was upfront about his intentions. Fine, but this is where I get really annoyed because most times, actions contradict intentions. Don’t treat her like a wife. Actions will always speak louder than words. Then the rebuttal is that he is treating her how he would a friend. So almost every day, you have sex with your friends, call your friends first thing in the morning, carry your friends lunch, pick up your friends from work etc.? Oh, please.

There are men who know that they just want to sleep around and do just that. They are honest with themselves and the people who choose to have sex with them. This honesty opens them up to change if so desired. But the man who acts and puts on a show will never be able to change. He will continually enter relationship after relationship and cheat in every one of them and unnecessarily hurt people. Such a man may think of himself  as decent because he does not understand the ramifications of his actions. Come on man, face yourself in the mirror, know who are and stop dragging innocent people into your mess.

The women are at fault to some degree as well. But make no mistake a man who has mastered the art of deceit will be able to trick some women. But I implore the women that are spiritually, mentally and financially affected by the habitual selfish acts of these men to leave or to takes measures to protect yourself and your sanity. Be honest with yourselves and go to counseling. These men will never be able to change or commit.This is just like a man lying on his resume about his qualifications and still apply for the job and knowing they cannot deliver. Such a person would eventually be fired because it affects the bottomline, money. So what are you worth?

The truth is, men don’t want ‘sketels’ as they are too easy. Is it that you cannot face yourself in the mirror because the label that is being projected is literally who you are? The truth is having sex is not as casual as most try to make it out to be. Have sex with whomever you want men but if you decide to commit to another human being, be responsible and honest about it and stick to the terms of that relationship. It’s ok if you are not man enough for that as yet.

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