This is usually said out of frustration and anger. Yet still a t.v. is turned on, a door is slammed, favourite music is turned on and up, favourite snacks are eaten or someone’s ear is chewed off just to somehow alleviate this frustration … But how unfair can life really be when there’s the blessing of shelter, food and clothing plus extra amenities? Is this the attitude that should be taken? Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post! 

What makes something unfair? It is an outcome that is not based on or behaving according to the principles of equality and justice. Principles of equality and justice take into account ethics, the law, social norms, among other things. These things evolve overtime, it is flawed as it involves man and it is very subjective; so what might be ‘fair’ now may just be ‘unfair’ in twenty years.  


Treating people or situations equally may not be the best approach; as it may not be what is needed because it is not equitable for or proportionate to a particular scenario. For example, providing a sidewalk for all to walk on and equally enjoy is a good thing; but what good is that sidewalk to someone in a wheelchair when ramps are not in place to get unto the sidewalk or to go into stores.

Another example, is charging everyone at the same tax rate. For a poor man his ability to just survive is greatly impacted while a rich business man’s lifestyle is marginally affected. So how can that be fair? On the other hand; for a struggling economy and for the betterment of all the citizens in the long-run within that economy; protecting a rich business man’s spending power may be seen as more beneficial as he can stimulate the economy by providing jobs, spending more as he has more to spend, investing, etc.


The point is gauging fairness is hard. But should we really be focused on that? Are we unable to function because life isn’t fair? The answer, I believe is no. Life still has to continue and even those who treat others unfairly should be loved. A person may  probably feel unfairly treated everyday. Fixing one unfair situation now, does not stop one from happening in the future. The only person that you can control is yourself. So instead of negatively reacting, I charge you to look at the positive things around you, acknowledge that you do not like being treated this way and how it makes you feel.  Next examine the problem, break it up into sections to make it more manageable and then whatever decision you make, make it out of love for the benefit of your family, community and the world.  

I have been able to live through some high stress situations, actually be happy in less than ideal circumstances and  live in this cruel and ‘unfair’ world because I try to incorporate gratefulness and love in my everyday life. After all the world is not getting any fairer. Being grateful is the best attitude to have. 

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