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Green Juicy

imag1795Fam this is my baby. This is the one I do most mornings. I use at most three vegetables in my healthy start morning juice. I also change around the type of vegetables I use per week to keep things interesting. Now the difference with my morning green juice and others is that I do not include anything sweet. People somehow think that drinking something with a little sweetness (with added glucose, fruits high in fructose, milk high in lactose) with a few sprigs of Kale and a few leaves of spinach constitutes as a green juice. While such a concoction is green in colour, has its benefits and will taste better, it should not be ingested first thing in the morning. Sugars are highly inflammatory. So why give your body so much work first thing in the morning?

Having green juice la primera hora de la mañana (hehe, I know a little spanish) gives your body one of the best starts it can get. It also has an alkalizing effect on the body, it is filled with fibre (if you do not strain it), it is filled with enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are easily accessible as it is already broken down before reaching into your body and it is the first thing you ingest. It literally just tastes like juice without the sugar. The added lime/lemon cuts the bitterish taste of the vegetables, helps to preserve the drink and it fills your mouth with zesty goodness.

I have a Nutribullet Pro and I mainly use the 32oz container, so please bear that in mind. When I use such a large container, I do not need to prepare a green juice everyday, as it lasts for two to three days. I place it in the refrigerator and the lime/lemon and the ginger also helps to preserve it. The nutribullet blends out the ingredients to a very smooth consistency so there is really no need to strain ‘the  dregs’. If you are using a juicer there is no need to chop up the ingredients outlined on the next page. I personally do not chop up the leafy greens as they are usually pliable and I do not have alot of time, so I just stuff them in. I only chop cucumbers, carrots (depending on the size) and beetroots. But I do not recommend you try this unless you know how your nutrient extractor works. Click the next page ↓


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  • Tanielle
    December 2, 2016

    Wonderful, such great information. So true, just changing how you eat makes a world leader difference.

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