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Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post. In a previous blog I shared my weight loss journey and surmised that I only lost weight because I am on health journey and not on a calorie counting restricted diet. I still stand by this today. By the way, I still have not started religiously exercising as yet (I am not bragging, I will find a way to change this soon), I eat ‘hearty’ meals and yet still I am able to maintain a small physique alsmost as small as I was in my teens to early twenties. I feel healthier now than I did before starting this journey.



So the key was mostly changing what I ate and not how much I ate.  A big part of that is starting the day right. When breaking the fast it needs to be something beneficial to your body. Your body is  already in repair mode when you sleep, so why not enhance the progress it has made by starting your day with something truly beneficial. Trust me one of these healthy start options per day  is just the ticket.  Of course it is not the only thing involved. There is eating other nutritious meals throughout your day, exercising, decreasing stress etc. However, if there is any step that I would recommend and that I have noticed make the biggest difference in my health journey so far, is how I start my day.

These options I am about to share with you are anti-inflammatory, helps to lower your glucose levels, helps with weight control, aids in cell repair and gives your cells a healthy boost. I recommend having the first drink of the day as close to room temperature as possible. This allows for quicker digestion and absorption of nutrients as it will be closer to your body’s temperature. I also recommend waiting 15 minutes to 30 minutes after drinking one of the healthy starts before eating your breakfast, to allow for uninterrupted and optimal digestion. So I am going to share with you three easy drink options that are proven healthy starts to your day. Click the next page ↓


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  • Tanielle
    December 2, 2016

    Wonderful, such great information. So true, just changing how you eat makes a world leader difference.

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