Practical Healthy Food Replacements | Bread, Pasta, Cow’s Milk


So are these healthy food replacements doable? Are you going to try any? Is your quality of life worth the quick fix feeling that you get when you consume less than ideal foods? The industrialization and evolution of food have made things convenient; but what is the price of that convenience? Refined carbohydrates, unnecessary additives and preservatives, which promote disease within the body.

I have observed that a vast majority of persons who consume foods high in added sugar, refined carbohydrates and over processed meats and live a mostly sedentary lifestyle; they feel lethargic, develop lifestyle diseases and feel stuck . So if you are just starting your healthy journey and struggling to find healthy food replacements for your favourite meals or a veteran in this healthy game and want to change things up; try these alternatives.

Some of the greatest benefits I have experienced since really committing to leading a healthy lifestyle are the minimization and elimination of certain symptoms relating to polycystsic ovarian syndrome and seborrheic dermatitis. I have also been saving money (less trips to the doctor), mental health & strength (hormones will become more balanced over time leading to proper chemical reactions within the body), being at an ideal weight and improved skin health.

Remember it is all about eating well and it is always sensible, as much as possible, to let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Eat in such a way that heals the body and follow up with synergistic food options.

What are some healthy food replacements that you have made in your diet? Is there any food product that you absolutely can’t live without and need help finding healthy food replacements? Leave me a comment down below. If you just want to leave me some positivity, click the heart down below. Kindly share this post with everyone, especially someone who may need it and keep the conversation going. Thanks again for stopping by, until next time Fam, walk good.

Disclaimer:Any information shared is not meant to cure or treat any medical conditions. Always consult with your doctor about your personal health and wellness. I am not a health professional. All reviews are my personal opinion. Please do your own research on products and companies before using any product you find on the internet. MishiMatters does not claim responsibility for any of the products or companies discussed on this site.


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