Practical Healthy Food Replacements | Bread, Pasta, Cow’s Milk


“Dear ‘Pasta’, …”

“… This relationship is unethical and bringing about more harm than good. I trusted you to be different.” A stop needs to be put to this! Similar to bread, pasta contributes to yeast over growth, disease promotion and weight gain because of how it is made. Most of the pasta available for consumption today is highly processed white pasta. While on most packages, there are all these healthy claims. These health benefits are lost because of how refined it is. My healthy food replacements for pasta are zucchini and/or cucumber, sometimes sweet potato, prepared with my vegetti pro. I prefer to mainly use zucchini or cucumber as it is easier to prepare than sweet potato.

CharacteristicsPasta (Spaghetti)Zucchini/Cucumber SpaghettiPasta (Spaghetti) PointsZucchini/Cucumber Spaghetti Points
Calories per serving 180 17 per 100 grams   1
Serving Size 2 oz 100 grams   1
Amount 16 oz 300 grams 1  
Tastes Good Has a very light taste that easily compliments any food it is paired with Has a very light taste that easily compliments any food it is paired with 1 1
Easily Prepared Yes, Spaghetti needs to be boiled in water and strained Yes, Zucchini and Cucumber have to be washed and cut into the spaghetti shape 1 1
Cost ≈ JD$100 ≈ JD$250  1  
Main Ingredients 100% Enriched Durum Semolina (contains wheat, niacin (Vitamin B3), Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate (Vitamin B3), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), and Folic Acid) Zucchini/Cucumber   1
TOTAL    4 5


“Yup!” Zucchini and/or cucumber as well as sweet potato are great replacements for pasta as it gives the food texture and actually leaves one feeling very filled after the meal.  They have a very light taste and absorb the taste of the dish quite easily; masking any unfamiliar tastes.

Zucchini  and cucumber contain vitamin C, vitamin B-6, potassium; a small amount of iron and calcium. These options are  nutrient dense, offer lots of fibre,  have a low calorie count, so you can throw that guilt out the window, when eating these options. I can even make alfredo!  I simply use coconut milk or cream which brings me to my next alternative. Click the next page ↓


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