Practical Healthy Food Replacements | Bread, Pasta, Cow’s Milk


Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post. One of the biggest issues I had with trying to convert to a healthy lifestyle, was that a few days in, it would feel as if I was depriving myself of my favourite foods. This then leads to ‘FOMO’ and the resolve, ‘YOLO’. I would then over indulge to compensate for what I missed out on and comforted myself that I only had one life to live; so I should just do what I love.

But if one truly approaches eating from a place of love, it would not bring one’s body intentional harm. Intentional because one knows better but decides not to do better. So I decided to do better as I hated the way my body felt, I was gaining weight even though I did not eat alot and having more and more health issues day by day.

I decided to change my eating habits, remove unnecessary stress and focus on God. Being healthy is so much more than exercise, I know too many people who after exercising and reaching their goal gain it all back. Why?  Because it is not supported by a healthy lifestyle.

It all starts with a personal decision that will help to motivate you though the journey. Then all it requires is a little effort and research. Forget all the misconceptions that healthier options are expensive, not convenient, not filling and do not taste good. I am here to debunk these theories and make your life a little bit easier by doing the research for you; and tell you that there are practical and healthy food replacements for almost every food item.

Not only do these options taste pretty good, they are easily accessible (in some territories) and are reasonably priced. It is time to replace the food you ‘love’, with food that loves you back. The focus in this post will be on healthy food replacements for bread, pasta and cow’s milk. Click the next page ↓


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