No More Hiding


The new year is about to begin and for some of us we have not achieved what we set out to do. The easy thing to do is retreat so that no one, including ourselves, can look at our failures. Hiding and being silent is very easy to do. Showing up, speaking up and trying after failure upon failure is so much harder to accomplish, especially when it feels like the whole world is watching.

Disappearing Act

There are two ways to disappear, by hiding in plain sight or shutting out the outside world. One of my favorite actors, the late great Robin Williams said,

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.”

Hiding away from the world makes it easier to hide away from and lie to ourselves, others and internalize any shortcomings. Studies show that this type of consistent action can lead to depression and other unhealthy patterns. This can literally become life threatening. To uproot this kind of toxic behavior you have to become sick and tired of complacency, below average health, below average wealth and do something about it. It is time put out the work, seek assistance if necessary, be uncomfortable and have faith that it will all work out.

 Tried, Tested and True

To know the strength of one’s faith, knowledge and character, it has to be tried. If it does not stand up to testing then there is more work to be done. Analyze what happened, make adjustments and then get back out there. This builds resilience and will lead to different points of success. There is no way to actually pass a test without actually taking it and that test will always be set be an outside force.

Usain Bolt said it best:

“I think the key thing is to train hard and you definitely need competition. You definitely need races. I believe over the years that training helps [you] but you have to compete against other people who’re a higher level to build you up. [It] makes you know what else you need to work on.”

Encouragement for the New Year

Don’t get me wrong set-backs are hard to overcome, it is very important to retreat, lick our wounds and heal. But if the retreat turns into months or years then we are allowing ourselves to disappear. This world is very intolerant and will let us be forgotten.

I just want to encourage anyone who is experiencing setback after setback to keep trying. Try everything and use everything at your disposal. Last year I made a pact with myself that going forward I would not give three f’s any of my power: flaws, failure or the feelings/opinions of others. Even when my output at work falls short, my blogs or videos do poorly or entrepreneurial efforts tank, I will continue to put my best foot forward. I encourage you to do the same.

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