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Hey Fam! Welcome to my blog. I decided to do extra blog posts this week for the lack of one last week. Mother’s day is around the corner, I love my mommy, and I felt inspired; so it seemed fitting to do a post about Mother’s Day. I also did a very interesting post on its History.

I believe it is so important to show appreciation for the mothers in your life. Mothers play a key role in a child’s journey, the first testament of love a child can recognize after birth is usually from its momma; and the bond between mother and child is customarily a bond so strong that no one can penetrate. What I don’t agree with is only celebrating her on a specific day and the over commercialization and exploitation of individuals by merchants who hike up prices on items for that one day. . . I have listed six ‘dos’ below that I hope you find helpful.

  1. Do appreciate your mother in the way she wants to be appreciated and not in the way that you think she should be appreciated. The best thing to do is ask. If it is that you want to surprise her and want to keep her unaware of what you are getting her, ask her indirectly, or get one of her close girlfriends to ask her what she would really want on Mother’s Day. 
  2. Do get her a gift with a lot of thought and meaning behind it. The generic, ‘flowers, cards and candy’- that’s a line in Usher’s U got it Bad song, pun intended- will not cut it unless that is what she really loves. If it is that you find out that she truly wants something that you cannot afford, plan for next year, in  the meantime be as creative as possible to give her a gift that will give similar satisfaction but at a cheaper price. Brainstorm with siblings, cousins or friends. 
  3. Do spend time with her doing only what she loves for the day. This day is about her, remove any selfish desire and be prepared to partake in some traditions you probably didn’t love as a child and still probably won’t appreciate as an adult. 
  4. Do give her as much of the day off as possible. There may be limitations especially if you are now a mother yourself and your time has to be shared between two households. Plan ahead and inform her of the time range you will be available, so that she can make use of the time you will be with her. 
  5. Do wish her ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and tell her you love her and appreciate her with meaning. Share your favourite memory of her and remind her of some specific things she has done for you or used to show that she loves you. Also contact all motherly figures who had a positive impact on your life as well and wish them a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. 
  6. Do pool funds as a cost effective way to get one thing she will really appreciate instead of several items she may not like. Pool funds with other siblings. If you are an only child this may not apply to you but you can also try to pool funds with her committed partner or with your dad/stepdad assuming he’s her husband. 

Just in case you are struggling with some gift ideas and need some inspiration especially in the short time left ‘til Mother’s Day I have put together a list of meaningful and practical gift suggestions for you.

In my opinion mothers can be described as beautiful, hands-on, caring and busy individuals who have an identity outside of motherhood and sometimes forget to put themselves first. So the gifts that you get should emphasize these things about her.

Gift Ideas for Mom


1. Beauty is from the inside out and to emphasize her beauty get her gifts that will touch her mind, body and soul.

  • Elite Labs Vitamin C Serum uses mainly natural ingredients, it can be used on the back of the hands and they help mom to continue aging gracefully. It is recommended for nighttime use
  • Essential Oils have so many uses. I use them for massages, hot-oil hair treatments and diffusing the air within the home. Essential oils should not be directly applied to the skin. It has to be diluted by a carrier oil such as as olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil.
  • Positive and uplifting books will keep up her mood all year round. Who does not want a happy mom?
  • Send her to a spa for a stress relieving deep tissue massage, a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.
  • Improve her day to day health by simply getting her a glass water bottle protected by rubber, not only are they BPA free, but glass bottles are generally stylish.
  • Get her a gift coupon to a make-up store such as MAC or Sephora. This way she can go in and let them test some products on her and she can decide what she wants to update her look.

  • Get her a gift card to her favourite department store to get whatever she wants.

2. Practical items make great gifts. These are items that persons may need to make their lives easier but can never justify buying it. Please note, the gift should not be something that reminds her of the chores she has to perform for the household unless it makes her chores 10 times easier or unless she stated that that’s what she wants. For chore related gifts make sure to word the card something like this. “I know that you do not love to ___ and I know you do it out of love and to show you that I love you I have gotten this ___ to make your life easier.” A good way to gauge this is to go around the house and look for ways to make things easier. Here’s what I came up with after my research.

  • A vitamix, nutribullet or ninja this will help her step up her health game with green juices.
  • storage options aid with organization, this minimizes stress which is a health plus. 
  • Get mom a gas card for the week, month or even a year from the gas station she goes to the most. This releases some extra funds and gives mom extra wiggle room for that time period. This also help to minimize stress which is a health plus
  • Self vacuum robot to clean while she’s out makes a great gift. It charges itself and requires little to no effort other than setting it up and ensuring that no one steps on it.

3. Ease her busyness by hiring a cleaning service for her busiest times, let her select the times she may need the help.

4. Alot of moms do not go out often, so tickets for two to see a play or a movie, or a weekend getaway for two at a local or international location is very ideal. Ensure that you allow her to choose the time she’s available then, make the reservations after, so that she doesn’t feel rushed to go and so that you do not potentially waste any money. Just print out what she will get on a decorative card for a grand effect when giving her the gift.

I hope you find this post useful and with every purchase you make you do not forget the reason for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers when the day comes! Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post.


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