6 Things That Improve in Your Sex Life Because of a Healthier Lifestyle


Hey Fam! Welcome to another blog post. Sex is a beautiful thing and it’s here for our pleasure, bonding and to create life. However, it should only be done when there is maturity, love, commitment and consent present.

Please Read Before Having Sex

Persons involved in sexual activity should have a basic level of maturity. That is, sexual organs are fully developed, there is a true understanding of sex, its associated risks and the ability to handle (financially, mentally and emotionally) any of the consequences of sex. Love should also be a major checklist item when deciding to be intimate with someone. It means that the parties involved respect themselves as well as each other; and that each person is willing to treat the other persons how those other persons want to be treated. Commitment also plays a big role and it means that the parties involved are committed to each other and are committing to whatever outcome of that sexual activity. Finally, consent means parties are in agreement about having sex. There is nothing casual about sex!

Don’t be blinded by the endorphins and serotonins coursing through the body to justify a dismissive reaction to casual sexual intercourse. Think about it! How gross is it to come into contact with a stranger’s saliva, let’s say, at a gas station, without the chemical reactions and hormones that are present during sex? However, if you decide to have sex for whatever reason with this stranger, then that same saliva is  welcome; probably all over the body because of those hormones. With all that being said just act responsibly when copulating, please.

Now, Have Sex

Sex should not be something you just do, it should be something you and your partner enjoy and are good at. Just like taking steps to improve your financial standing, your performance at work; shouldn’t effort be placed on improving your sexual performances? There are so many areas that may need to be tackled when it comes to improving sexual encounters. But the best foundation you can lay is a healthy lifestyle.

A healthier lifestyle means taking care of the mind, body and soul by eating well, exercising and working on one’s spirituality. All the benefits of a healthier lifestyle will have a spillover effect into your sex life. So here are six things that improve in your sex life because of a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Smell Better – There are too many ‘sour’ stories floating around out there. Foul odours can be a major turn-off before, during or after sex. Studies have shown that everyone has a unique natural body odor and for the most part it should remain neutral regardless of the body part. Odour becomes more pungent once there is an interaction of skin secretions (sweat, chemicals, hormones) and bacteria living on the skin. Therefore one can deduce that the more bacteria living on the skin and within the body, the more unhealthy one is and the more pungent one smells.
    Studies have shown that humans are more attracted to the smell of a healthy person; which is a neutral smell mixed with a unique natural odor. As such, two healthy partners will have an easier time detecting sexual chemicals or hormones using olfactory capabilities because it is not muddled with an unpleasant odour.
    People think that it is mainly because of poor hygiene why people smell. But would you even be committed to someone with poor hygiene? Chances are something is up with that person’s health and the smell emanating from the body could be a warning sign to get one’s health in order. It makes no sense to symptom treat only and have the problem resurface in a couple of weeks or months.
     A cleaner diet by eating well, scours the cells clean and helps the body efficiently eliminate waste. A diet of more vegetables and complex carbohydrates, less fruit, lesser meat and least refined carbohydrates should do the trick.
    Incorporating exercise into your health routine increases the elimination of toxins from the body. Also, exercise, by bending, stretching squeezing and tightening, also helps the body get rid of excess pockets of gas. This decreases the chances of flatulence during certain sex positions. This should not be confused with queefing which is totally normal.  
  2. Taste Better – The entire body is usually devoured during sex with everyone having their areas of special interest. It may be very off-putting to taste skin that is bitter, onion like or salty without an immediate explanation coming to mind, such as a work out, perfume etc. Imagine a bad taste with a foul smell…I can’t even. In general the taste of skin should be neutral, similar to the smell. This suggests that the body is balanced and hydrated.
    To improve the taste of your skin do a mini detox. It will help to get rid of saltiness and bitterness in sweat and body secretions. Follow up the detox with a clean diet  such as the one suggested at number one, to lessen the toxins in and on the body.
  3. Confidence – Confidence and health complement and sustain each other. For example, exercise increases endorphins and happy people are generally more positive and confident. This will spillover to every area of life, including the bedroom. Also, the fact that will power was used to start a healthier lifestyle and  actually get results; this will boost confidence in your own abilities over time; and this will encourage you to continue setting healthy goals.
    Your partner will become even more attracted to your enhanced confidence. And because of this new self assurance it is easier to become bolder with participating in your own sexual pleasure during coition.
    Spirituality also has a positive effect on confidence. Each time you build up your spirit, by reflecting, praying and reading spiritual material you will become healthier and more assured about what true fulfillment is.
  4. More Stamina – Stamina gives you the ability to endure and power through physical activities at an optimal level. A healthy lifestyle, regular targeted exercise and a balanced diet, build  stamina over timeSo when its time to engage in sexual activity you will be able to perform at a maximum level every time.
  5. Sex drive improves – The urge to seek satisfaction of sexual needs increases because the body is more in balance and will naturally engage in activities of fulfillment. Sex is one such act. Because the urge increases there is a greater probability that the amount of times you have sex per day… ok I’m pushing it, per week will increase. 
  6. Increase in Size – Blood circulation around the body improves when leading a healthier lifestyle. Arteries, veins and capillaries will be cleared of any plaque or blockages overtime because of a healthier lifestyle, allowing blood to flow freely. The more blood that can get to the penis shaft or clitoris the better; and because of this the size actually increases during bouts of pleasure. This becomes exercise for the penis and clitoris and it is essentially like building muscle.

So, Fam, all we ever really need is to adopt healthy lifestyle practices and life will be great. I know, I know it easier said than done but the benefits are worth the ‘scarifices’. Just take it a step at a time and you will reach your health goals soon enough and enjoy heightened sexual encounters.

Leave me a comment down below letting me know what you think. Have you started a health journey? I would really love to hear  if any of you have seen benefits in your sex life because of healthier choices. If you just want to leave me some positivity, click the heart down below. Kindly share this post with everyone, especially someone who may need it and keep the conversation going. Thanks again for stopping by, until next time Fam, walk good.

Disclaimer:Any information shared is not meant to cure or treat any medical conditions. Always consult with your doctor about your personal health and wellness. I am not a health professional. All reviews are my personal opinion. Please do your own research on products and companies before using any product you find on the internet. MishiMatters does not claim responsibility for any of the products or companies discussed on this site .


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