About Me

Hi, I am Mishannie and I matter. It is that simple. I’m a working professional who has a creative side that needs an outlet. This space will be used to discuss all the matters that interest me and will make a positive impact on the world. As humans we often wait for others to recognize and document our worth and contributions to society…well no more. I love God, I love my Bibi, I love my family and well-wishers, I love to dance, I love the arts in general, I love to travel, I love to learn about interesting things, I love knowing that I am taking steps to be healthy, I love that I have the ability to love my enemies. The point is I love… I want to document it all and hopefully influence at least one person in a meaningful and positive way. Therefore this blog will focus on love, health, style & beauty, travel and more. Please join me on this live documentary as I also learn what matters to you.

“Doing what you love is life.”

This is where the real treasure is as this brings you joy that no external force can take away. This gives you pleasure and the strength to continue

the everyday areas of your life that brings the least gratuity but are necessary.  Finding that balance is important. It is never too late to start.